Play Store for Windows Phone

The Google Play Store is the one place where one goes for Android applications download. There are other marketplaces as well, but the Google Play Store is the trusted platform where one can be sure to find apps of every category. Indeed, there are several reasons why Google Play Store is the marketplaces that are most popular for Android users:

play store for windows phone

  1. It is the recognized marketplace for different paid and free apps offered by different Android developers.
  2. With a wide base of registered users, one can check reviews and ratings for every application before one decides to download an application.
  3. The ease of downloading an app securely from this platform makes it the trusted source for Android apps by most users.

Indeed, it is known that Google Play Store is the numero UNO choice for downloading apps for the Android platform. Again, most Android devices like smartphones and tablets are pre loaded with the Google Play Store as an APK file. Hence, all one needs to do is log onto Google Play Store and find the apps that they wish to use and install on their device.

How do you get the Google Play Store on another platform? The other series of smartphones like Nokia phones which run on Windows platform, offer a dilemma for the users. Even though the Windows marketplace has a wide array of apps to download, the number of apps on Google Play Store outweighs that found in any other marketplace. Again, the popular Android apps are sought out by other platform users as well. Hence, to get Android apps running on Windows platform, here are the steps to follow:

  • You need to download the wconnect tool as well as the Android sdk adb tool.
  • The downloaded files need to be unzipped and added to a folder.
  • You need to install the executable file found in the wconnect folder.
  • Go to settings and enable developer mode in update and security section.
  • In the folder where you have extracted wconnect, open up a command prompt.
  • You need to connect the phone to a PC, preferably using the USB method.
  • Type in the command prompt wconnect.exe usb.
  • There will be a pairing code asked for and this needs to be entered.
  • Visit the extracted adb folder and type in adb devices in the command prompt.
  • You will be shown the devices that are connected.
  • You need to place the APK file in the adb folder and type in the command – adb install apkname.apk.

The above steps will allow you to run Android apps on a Windows mobile. This is applicable for Google Play Store as well as it is an APK file that runs on the Android platform. You could also look for Android emulator programs that are designed to run on your specific Windows phone. You could also wait to get the next series of Windows phones that are being contemplated to come with an Android emulator program in built for playing Android apps easily.

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